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Warringal Conservation Society

Our present restrictions allow 'exercise in compliance with the public gathering requirements'. So now is a good time to explore the Banyule Flats.

Instead of walking past or cycling though, we encourage you to slow down and take in a few different aspects of the Flats that you may not have seen before.
Sit at the Swamp seat and watch for birds - the sign there will give you a good start on what you might see [please respect the 'no dogs/no bread' request].

You could take a side path and follow the twists and turns of the river. If you're quiet you may see a Cormorant drying its wings in the sun. Or if you're early enough, stand on the trail beneath the Banyule Homestead. Looking out over the Flats you may see Kangaroos and occasionally a Swamp Wallaby.

Three of our members share why they love the Banyule Flats: