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Warringal Conservation Society

The Matted Flax-lily Dianella amoena is listed as endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. The Simpsons Army Barracks remnant woodland in Yallambie is likely to support one of the largest known populations of Matted Flax-lily, and many of the plants will be removed and relocated to make way for the North East Link. Their survival after this trans-location process is uncertain.

The plants flower from October – April with beautiful blue star-shaped fragrant flowers with yellow stamens which are followed by purple berries. The perennial plant is tufted and forms mats.  Clumps of plants can be up to 5 metres wide. Most populations occur in areas of remnant bushland, and other local sites include Cherry St Grassland, Macleod; Harry Pottage Reserve, Macleod; Mill Park Lakes, South Morang.