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On National Tree Day WCS celebrates Banyule's own Studleyesis

Endangered in Victoria and of regional significance, this tree is a naturally occurring hybrid of the Swamp Gum (E. ovata) and River Red Gum (E. camaldulensis). Identified in Kew, Viewbank and Watsonia, the majority of Victoria’s population of Eucalyptus x studleyensis occurs in Banyule. There is a magnificent specimen near the Somerset Drive entrance to the Banyule Flats Reserve and a group of smaller trees occurs in Yallambie. There are also some very old specimens along the western side of the Simpsons Army Barracks. These are at risk if the North East Link goes ahead as the development will take a large portion of the Barrack’s western boundary land into its project scope. Join WCS at our National Tree Day planting this coming Sunday 29 July. Register online at